Who Is Agile Explained For?

Agile Explained is for everyone in an agile organization or an organization that wants to become more agile.

Breaking down silos and increasing collaboration is one of the key goals of agile and lean processes. 

To do this we encourage "T-shaped" people. That is, people who can operate in multiple specialties or who at least have a basic understanding of the specialties they work with.

Agile Explained is designed to give you the "Top of your T" so that you can collaborate more effectively with all the other roles you work with.

Specifically it is for:

  • Executives and Leaders who must guide an organization towards greater agility
  • Product Managers and Product Owners who will learn how to define and prioritize the work to be done in collaboration with their team
  • Business Analysts who will learn how their role is transformed on an agile team
  • Designers who will work much more closely with product, development, and QA
  • Developers and Software Engineers who will learn the techniques necessary to deliver work in days or weeks instead of weeks or months
  • QA who learn how to operate inside the team while the work is being done instead of outside the team after development is completed
  • Operations who will learn about how DevOps makes them a partner with development instead of just having code thrown at them which they must operate.

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Kick-Start Your Agile Journey!

Over the course of 10 modules, our expert trainers will walk you through the fundamentals of Agile.

You'll learn how to leverage over 30 practices and principles to increase your teams' productivity, communication, collaboration, and effectiveness.

Thousands of students have attended our live Agile Explained class. For this online version of the class we have recorded the very best version of each Agile Explained module... and each time we deliver this class we fine tune it even more based on the feedback and questions we get. 

You can watch (and rewatch) each module as often as you like. As you become more experienced you will understand the deeper lessons that beginners often miss.

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What Will I Learn?

  • 1


    • Welcome!

    • Introduction

    • IDEO's Design Process

    • The Agile Manifesto

    • Concepts

    • Agile is Like Kindergarten

  • 2


    • Framework and Backlog

    • Story Writing

    • Estimation

    • Release Planning

    • Backlog Refinement

    • Daily Standup

    • Show and Tell/Sprint Review

    • Retrospectives

    • Velocity and BurnDown/Burn Up Charts

    • Sprint Planning

    • Close & Open Ceremonies

  • 3


    • Introduction

    • WIP

    • Team Agreements

    • Backlog

    • Cycle Time

    • Wait Time

    • Portfolio Management

    • Retrospectives

    • Standup

    • Board Design

    • Physical Boards vs Tools

  • 4


    • Servant Leadership

    • Turn the Ship Around

    • Fist to Five

    • 6 Thinking Hats

    • Collaboration 8

  • 5


    • Agile Product Ownership in a Nutshell

    • Product Ownership

    • Product Management

  • 6

    Design Thinking

    • Design Thinking - Part 1

    • Nordstrom Innovation Lab

    • Design Thinking - Part 2

  • 7


    • Quality in Agile, Testing Role, Exploratory Testing, and BDD

  • 8


    • ATDD - Acceptance Test Driven Development

    • TDD - Test Driven Development

    • ATDD Demonstration

    • CI - Continuous Integration

    • Pair Programming

    • Spikes

    • Technical Debt

    • 3 Amigos

  • 10

    Change Management

    • Change Management Obeya

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Who Are My Instructors?

Jon Stahl

Founder and CEO of LeanDog with 23 years agile experience

Michael Jebber

Agile process coach with 25 years experience

Nicole Capuana

Product and design coach with 20 years experience

Paul Carvalho

DevOps and quality coach with 30 years experience

Julias Shaw

LeanDog CTO with 21 years agile experience as a technical and process coach

Customer Testimonial

Unlock What You Don't Know

by Justin Duane, RetailSource

I thought I know a lot about agile, but from taking the Agile Explained course it really helped unlock that there is a ton that I don't know.

The Human Aspect

by Mike Livermore, Swagelok

Not only does the class teach you in a foundational way, methods, but it really accentuates that which often gets lost in IT departments and technical initiatives... the human aspect of what's going on.

Answer the Big Questions

by Eric Whitnable, Nationwide Insurance

I needed something to help me answer those big questions and that's absolutely what the Agile Explained session did for me.


Still got questions?

  • How does it work?

    Agile Explained was created for beginners who have little to no experience with lean, agile, or DevOps. Each module includes extensive information on the mindset, techniques and processes to create great products. Much like a live training, we have a curriculum you follow to make the best of all the content offered.

  • How much does Agile Explained cost?

    Agile Explained is a one-time payment of just $495. Unlike a live class this gives you lifetime access to the training so you can come back to review it as often as you need.

  • How long is Agile Explained?

    The Agile Explained course contains just over 7 hours of video.

  • Can I sign up at any time?

    Yes! Agile Explained has an an open enrollment. You can sign up at any time.

  • Can I share my account?

    No, this price is for one person's exclusive access. If multiple people share your account, the system will automatically lock your account out and you will no longer have access.